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Welcome to the website of Sugume – a professional social network (hereinafter:  “the Website”).


The Website operators and/or rights holders (hereinafter together and individually: “the Operator”) approves access to and use of the Website subject to the terms elaborated below (hereinafter: “the Terms of Use”).

Please make sure to read and review the Terms of Use, because your use and activity on the Website constitute your consent to the Terms of Use without any restriction of objection and these terms may change from time to time, at the sole discretion of the Operator, without any advance notice. The Terms of Use regulate the relations between the Operator and any person browsing and/or viewing and/or using the Website or the information therein (hereinafter: “the User”). The provisions in the Terms of Use in masculine gender are intended for convenience only and cover both men and women.

The Website is intended for users above the age of 18 who have read these terms of use and consent to all of the provisions therein. A user whose access to the site has been blocked by the Operator and/or whose account has been restricted or blocked by the Operator may not use the Website again.

The whole Website, including all information therein and the software at its basis, is offered to the public “as is”. While the Operator intends for the information to correct and exact, the information may be incomplete. In addition, technical or other errors in the information may occur. The Operator is not responsible for inaccuracies or mistakes that have occurred concerning the information. The Operator hereby clarifies that the Information included on the Website is for general, informative purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation and/or opinion and/or offer for purchasing any product or providing any service, and therefore the User is aware and agrees that any reliance on declarations, expressions of position, tips or any other information shown on the Website, whether by the Operator or by other users or advertises,  is at the sole discretion and responsibility of the User. Some of the information originates from third parties, for which the Operator has no information, and the Operator does not guarantee the exactness of this information. The sole responsibility will be borne by the third parties or by the User himself.

The operator is allowed to change and/or replace and/or deny access partially or fully and/or charge payment for any service that is offered by the Operator on the Website. Any such change will apply from the day of announcement of a notice to that effect on the Website and/or from the day of posting a message in the User’s account.

The Operator is allowed, without giving advance notice, to change and/or discontinue the services that it provides on the Website, add additional services and apply restrictions to the use of existing services, at its sole discretion.


Links to the Website and additional services

The Website may contain links and/or referrals and/or banners and/or advertisements for websites that are not run and/or owned and/or controlled by the Operator. The Operator will assume no responsibility for linked websites and the link to any website does not constitute a recommendation thereof. The links are intended only for the convenience and information of the users. The Operator may, at its sole discretion, remove any link from the Website and/or add additional links.


Opening and management of a user account on the Website

Any user is allowed to register for the Website, open a personal account and enjoy the services of the Website. Some of the services may require payment presently or in the future.

Opening of a user account on the Website is subject to his consent to these terms of use and filling in all details required in the account opening process. The Operator may allocate different account types to different users.

Upon opening a user account on the Website, the User thereby gives his consent to receive mail and updates through the various media from the Operator and/or third parties with which the Website will cooperate. The User shall be allowed to apply to the Operator in writing at any time and request the removal of his details from the various distribution lists.

Subject to the account settings that the User chooses at the time of opening an account, the User hereby gives the Operator an unlimited, non-exclusive and free of charge right to display, transcribe, adjust, reorganize and disseminate his particulars and contents for the management and operation of provision of the services provided within this Website to the User and to other users. The User must remember that the Website constitutes a public platform and that other users may search, see and use the details and contents of the User that are provided by him.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the personal details of the User as input during the opening of the account shall be visible only to the Operator, which will use them for mailing and statistic analysis and processing purposes only.

If the User connects to the Website using a third party platform or service (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and/or authorizes the Website to take details from the User accounts in those platforms / services, he hereby provides the Operator unlimited permission to make use of these particulars in accordance with the terms of user prescribed herein.

The User undertakes not to use a username and/or screen name and/or account name that has an offensive, harassing, rude or insulting manner. The Operator reserves the right to demand that the User change his username and/or screen name and/or account name for any reason, at the sole discretion of the Operator. If the User refuses to do so, the Operator shall be allowed to prevent and/or block and/or cancel and/or restrict the User’s account in any way that it chooses.

When opening the account on the Website and throughout all of the use of the Website, the User undertakes to provide correct, true, exact and full details. the User must update the particulars of his account from time to time, as necessary. If the User of the account requires the entry of a password, the User undertakes not to disclose and/or publish this password and undertakes not to make any use of a password of another user. 

The Operator does not assume any undertaking to perform a verification or check concerning the correctness of the details of the User or concerning the User’s manner of use of the Website. Therefore, the operator does not assume any liability concerning cases in which the identity and/or name and/or image and/or details of a person or organization are misused within a website.

The operator is allowed to restrict and/or suspend and/or cancel the account of any user that misuses or abuses the services provided on the Website. Abuse includes, but is not limited to, an invitation that a user sends to another user without the two having any connection or acquaintance; exploitation of the messaging system of the Website; creating a number of profiles or fake profiles; commercial exploitation of the Website and its services; infringement of intellectual property rights; forming a disturbance or impediment to the normal operation of the Website; violation of any of the provisions of these terms of use. 

At the time of closure of the account of the User for any reason, the Operator shall be allowed to retain the personal details of the User for a reasonable time for backup, retrieval and control purposes. Even if the Account has been closed for any reason, the Operator and/or Users may save and display and use the contents that are uploaded by the User in any form. 

Delivery / uploading / sharing of contents by the User

The Website allows the User to upload and share on the Website information and contents, including images, messages, comments and so on (hereinafter: "the User Contents").

A user who gives his particulars on the Website for any purpose, including uploading his contents, does so at his discretion and free will, without this imposing any duty on the Operator.

The User undertakes not to upload and/or transmit and/or disseminate and/or publish on the Website information and/or content and/or material that may:

  • Constitute or serve for illegal, immoral, offensive activity;
  • Disrupt or impair the activity of the Website and/or other websites;
  • Constitute an affront or slander or threat or infringement of rights of third parties;
  • Contain viruses, harmful files, programs that may harm the Website and/or its users;
  • Constitute junk mail and/or an advertisement and/or an offer for the sale of goods and/or services for commercial purposes; 
  • Store and/or save any information concerning the Users of the Website.

The User shall assume full, exclusive responsibility for all contents of the User that he uploads to the Website and all consequences resulting from publications on the Website. The User hereby exempts the Operator from any responsibility and/or liability concerning the contents of the User, and undertakes to compensate the Operator for any damage, expense, loss that will be sustained by the Operator as a result thereof.

The User hereby gives the Operator his full consent and unlimited authorization, at no cost, to make use of any kind or type of the User Contents that are uploaded / shared by him on the Website. The use of the Website may be made by publication, display, distribution, branding, etc., and the User shall have no claim and/or demand and/or contention on this matter, including but not limited to on the matter of receiving credit and/or consideration and/or royalties for such use.

The Operator reserves the right to remove user contents for any reason, including user contents that the Operator believes to contravene the provisions of these terms of use.

The Operator shall assume no liability for any infringement of rights of third parties that are the owners of the rights to the User Contents or any part thereof. The User assumes the full, exclusive responsibility for any display or publication of the contents that he has uploaded / shared on the Website, and undertakes to compensate the Operator for any damage, expense or loss that the Operator sustains as a result.

The User is solely responsible for the interactions that he will have with other users. The Operator is allowed at all times to monitor these interactions and delete and/or restrict and/or block them or any part thereof to the extent that they contravene these terms of use.

The contents of the User, including ideas, inventions, developments and proposals on the part of the User, which are uploaded thereby, are exposed for viewing and use by other users, and the Operator cannot guarantee that other users will not make any use thereof. Therefore, to the extent that the User has contents of this type that he wishes to keep secret or whose use by others he wishes to prevent or for which there is concern that their upload to the Website will violate rights of third parties, the User undertakes not to upload and/or share and/or publish these contents.

The User is aware that despite the information security systems on the Website, his particulars may reach unauthorized third parties. The User declares that he is aware of this risk and that he will provide his particulars at his own responsibility only.    

The User is aware and agrees that the Operator will make use of some or all of the information that has been delivered by the User on the Website as follows:

  1. Allowing the user to share the information uploaded thereby and communicate with other users;
  2.  Manage the account of the User and make the adjustments and modifications required therein from time to time;
  3. Send the user service or advertising announcements to the account and/or to the email address of the User as entered on the Website;
  4. Allow uses to find and contact other users of the Website;


Refund Policy

In general, all charges are non-refundable, including any premium subscriptions and / or public advertisement and / or any other publication fee site.

User may notify whenever he wishes to cancel the subscription to the site, by contacting the customer service center of the site by phone 03-6343411 or fax 03-6343422 or by sending a contact form on the site (the "Notice of Cancellation").

The operator will cease charging the monthly subscription fee subscription starting from the date on which the next billing cycle begins nearest day delivery of notice of cancellation ("Cancellation").

It should be stressed that the operator will not charge any amount to cancellation fees. If the relevant subscription was canceled during the month for which contributions were paid subscription, billing will stop the next billing cycle means that the user will be charged for the period from the date of cancellation to the end of the period for which you paid the subscription fee.

No refunds will be given for the period used in the services offered on the site fee and that was before the date of cancellation.

Note that all of the premium user subscription will terminate at the cancellation will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle.



The Operator will not be responsible for any damage, direct, indirect, consequential or incidental due to accessing or using the Website or due to any denial of access to or use of the Website, for any cause (including contractual and/or tort cause). The Website is being used at the responsibility of the User only and it is clarified that the Operator is not responsible for any information that is uploaded by users of the Website.

Without detracting from the entirety of the foregoing, the Operator is not responsible for any damage, including due to “viruses” and/or faults and/or software applications of different types, the computer equipment of the User or any other property of the User, which are sustained due to access to, browsing or use of the Website, including downloading information from the Website.

The User undertakes to indemnify and compensate the Operator and/or its managers and/or employees and/or owners for any contention, claim, proceeding, conflict, demand, liability, damage, loss and expense, including legal expenses, which are caused following or in the context of: (A) the User’s access to the Website and the contents therein; (B) the various contents that are uploaded / shared on the Website by users; (C) violation of the provisions of these terms of use by the User.

Intellectual property

Except with regard to information and contents that are uploaded to the Website by the user, all of the intellectual property rights concerning the Website of any kind or type (whether registered or unregistered rights), including the name of the domain, patents, trademarks, samples, copyrights, commercial secrets, methods, design of the Website, drawings, designs, illustrations, music, photographs, images, maps, audio clips, video clips, text, artwork and any matter or detail related to the Website (hereinafter: "the Website Contents") are the exclusive property of the Operator and/or of the respectful rights owners, and only the Operator is permitted to use them. No copying, distribution, duplication, sale, translation, modification, creation of derived works, sale and/or any other action involving the Website Contents and/or any other information appearing on the Website is permitted unless the prior written approval of the Operator to do so has been received.

Any activity that constitutes and/or that may constitute a direct or indirect violation of intellectual property rights (including copyrights) involving the contents of the Website and/or contents and rights of third parties is strictly prohibited. If the Operator learns of any infringement or suspected infringement of such rights, the Operator is allowed to remove any content or information that is uploaded to the Website by the users.

If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated within the Website, send an email to the Operator to the address info@sugume.com, with the following details:

  • the identity of your work and/or intellectual property whose rights you claim to have been infringed;
  • The information / content that you claim violates your intellectual property. Provide as much exact details as possible so that the Operator may find the infringing information / content;
  • A declaration from you that you are the lawful owner of the intellectual property in which you claim your rights have been infringed, and that you believe that the infringement was carried out without permission and in violation of law;
  • Your contact details.

Upon receiving such a notice, the Operator shall be allowed, but not required, to take any step at its sole discretion, including removal of the infringing information / content from the Website. The foregoing does not constitute an undertaking or assumption of any responsibility of the Operator concerning the treatment of the infringing content and/or the resulting consequences thereof. 

Applicable law and site of jurisdiction

The Terms of Use of the Website and any legal cause resulting from the use of the Website, including the validity and interpretation of the Terms of Use, will be subject to Israeli law only, and the sole jurisdiction for hearing any conflict concerning the terms of use, the Website and its use will be given to the competent courts in the central district only.

In any case of a dispute between the User and the Website and/or the Operator, the User undertakes to apply first to the Operator in an attempt to solve the dispute outside of court.


The Operator reserves the exclusive right to terminate immediately the use of the Website by the User, at any time, if the User violates the Terms of Use and/or any law and/or any other provision and/or if the Operator decides that the User has made unreasonable or improper use of the Website. In these cases, the Operator will not be responsible for any loss and/or expense and/or damage, including distress that is sustained by the User.

The Operator reserves the right to refuse to provide access to this Website or any part thereof to any user at its sole discretion and without any advance warning.

The Operator may assign its rights pursuant to these Terms of Use to any third party as it sees fit without any duty of the Operator announce this assignment on the Website.

The behavior of the Operator shall not be considered as a waiver of any of the rights in accordance with these terms of user by law and/or as a waiver or consent on its part to any violation and/or non-fulfillment of any of these terms of use by the User, unless the waiver, consent, change, cancellation and/or addition has been done explicitly in writing.

These terms of use include and exclusively and comprehensively state the covenants and relations between the Operator and the User on all matters discussed herein and/or related to the Website. No other document, negotiations, declaration, representation, undertaking or consent that has been made, if made, between the parties, in writing and/or orally, explicit and/or implicit and/or in any other form shall be valid or used and/or relied upon.

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